The Transformation Architect

Connecting penthouse and engine room

The role of architects has fundamentally changed. While UML and architecture styles still come in handy, modern architects reduce friction, align organization and technology, and chart a plausible transformation journey. Such architects ride the Architect Elevator from the penthouse, where the business strategy is set, and the engine room, where the enabling technology is implemented.

This site is dedicated to supporting this new breed of architect. The content is based on my experience working in both digital disruptors and traditional enterprise IT.

Architecting IT Transformation

Many large enterprises are feeling pressure from digital disruptors who serve users’ increased expectations with brand-new business models and little legacy. Even though cloud providers have democratized access to state-of-the-art technology, such a shift remains a massive challenge for enterprises that have been, and still are, successful, but are built on traditional technology and organizational structures.

Architects and CTOs play a key critical in such digital transformation endeavors. They combine the technical, communication, and organizational skills to create business value from a tech stack refresh, to look behind buzzwords, and to build a technology platform that improves quality and security while moving faster. This site and my books help these architects hone their skills and effect lasting change.


Book: The Software Architect Elevator Book: Cloud Strategy Book: 37 Things One Architect Knows


Architect Elevator Talk

In a hurry? Watch my Architect Elevator Talk that tells (almost) the whole story in just 50 minutes!


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