IT Transformation:
Connecting penthouse and engine room

Many large enterprises are feeling pressure from digital disruptors who attack with brand-new business models and aren’t held back by legacy or infrastructure assets. Transforming successful enterprises that are built around traditional technology and organizational structures to compete in the digital world requires a direct connection between the penthouse, where the business strategy is set, and the engine room, where the enabling technology is implemented. I call this connection the Architect Elevator.

37 Things One Architect Learned

37 Things Spending five years as chief architect in a large enterprise transformation plus advising numerous CTOs ranging from unicorns to established enterprises taught me the challenges and rewards of changing an organization’s way of working. My book 37 Things One Architect Knows About IT Transformation documents my insights as light-hearted anecdotes with serious content.

Order the book as a DRM-free E-Book or in print from Amazon [UK], [DE]. Or look at the detailed table of contents or sample chapters first.

Ride the Architect Elevator with me

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Architect Elevator Workshops for architects and IT leaders are a great way to ride the elevator together and to apply the concepts to your situation. Next workshop: November 4-5 in Berlin.

Lastly, watch my Architect Elevator Talk from TNG’s BigTechDay to get the whole story in an action-packed 50 minutes!

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