The Transformation Architect

Connecting penthouse and engine room

Modern architects align organization and technology, reduce friction, and chart transformation journeys. In addition to working with UML and architecture styles, such architects ride the Architect Elevator from the penthouse, where the business strategy is set, to the engine room, where the enabling technologies are implemented. They shun popular buzzwords in favor of a clear strategy defined by conscious decision making.

This site helps architects and IT leaders be successful in this new role based on my experience working for digital disruptors and leading transformations in traditional enterprise IT.

Architecting IT Transformation

Many large enterprises are feeling pressure from digital disruptors who serve users’ increased expectations with innovative business models and little legacy. Competing in such an environment remains a massive challenge for enterprises that rely on traditional technology and organizational structures to be successful.

Architects and CTOs play a critical role in transforming such organizations. They combine the technical, communication, and organizational skills to derive business value from a tech stack refresh. They see more dimensions and bust common disbelieves, for example showing that moving faster can actually increase quality.


These books prepare you for a more exciting role as IT architect or decision maker:

Book: The Software Architect Elevator Book: Cloud Strategy Book: Platform Strategy Book: Enterprise Integration Patterns


My “law” now has its own page.

Excessive complexity is nature’s punishment for organizations that are unable to make decisions.


Architect Elevator Talk

Find all my talks on the Modern Achitect YouTube playlist. The Architect Elevator Talk is a good start.

I’ve done Podcasts with Neal Ford, Dave Farley, Tech Lead Journal, Postman’s Breaking Changes, and the AWS Conversations with Leaders series (Spotify or Google Podcasts).


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